Some of the current plans in the Gipuzkoa region include the development of an immense commercial port along with urban regeneration of Pasajes, profiling of the region as candidate for European Capital of Culture 2016, development of an International Cultural Centre (Tabacalera) and plans to connect to the high speed train network - all of which indicates a high level of ambition in terms of renewal of the region. These projects also imply the necessity to generate capital, ideas and to organise society in a different way - all of which will influence the future of the region to a high degree.

By initiating the Urban Marketplace for Ideas at Arteleku, the starting point for this workshop and art project is to establish connections with already existing networks of ideas and knowledge that aim to explore urban futures. This may be on a local, regional, national and international basis and will serve as reference and make further developments and explorations possible.

The workshop will proceed by selecting a few observation points in the neighbourhoods of Loiola, Txomin Enea and Martutene where we will initiate our own research. These neighbourhoods will serve as our most immediate frame of reference, field of exploration and create the context for exchange, participation and interaction.

A major part of the workshop sets out to explore ways in which people can trade knowledge, skills, ideas and at times actual objects with each other. This idea to establish a kind of marketplace reflects a desire to gather around something symbolic and relatively simple. In this context, trade (the marketplace) stands for a straightforward action in which everyone can take part.

Informed by research, discussions and by the work methods generated within the workshop, the aim is to establish ways in which citizens may participate and contribute in decision making processes that affect the future of local neighbourhoods. We will learn by doing and the research conducted will accumulate relational knowledge. We will base our work on innovative and informal approaches and explore how informal ways of working may find its ways into formal decision making processes.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, a call for participation will be announced in August. Deadline for application is early October. You are also warmly welcome to contribute to the blog by contacting:

Workshop schedule

Thu 22 Oct – meetings in and around city
Fri 23 Oct – public lecture by Axel Timm/Raumlabor > + work in group
Sat 24 Oct – work in group

Thu 19 Nov - meetings in and around city
Fri 20 Nov - public lecture by
Cécile Bourne/Nouveaux commanditaires
> + work in group
Sat 21 Nov - work in group

Thu 17 Dec - meetings in and around city
Fri 18 Dec - public lecture by STEALTH > + work in group
Sat 19 Dec - work in group
Mon 21 Dec – final presentation