To the Left of the Rising Sun  
Image: Jonna Ölund


Published January 2009

Commissioned by the regional Culture and Business boards of Region Skåne, Werk researched material for a report about ongoing collaborations between art and business. The report is soon to be published under the title Språngbrädan (in Swedish only). It maps out initiatives that aim to bridge art with business and looks at potential fruits of such collaborations. Whether collaborations are done with a vision to reduce sick leave at work, or to open up research departments for new ideas - the report present examples of artists working in a variety of contexts and with new audiences. Språngbrädan also introduces a critical overview of Joseph Schumpeter’s definition of the ‘entrepreneur’, briefly discusses Richard Florida’s view on creativity and Charles Leadbeater’s ideas about (mass) innovation. It looks at how such concepts have come to be introduced in discussions about artist’s processes today. Based on numerous interviews, Språngbrädan concludes with an overview about the future needs in the region along with an analysis of what it takes to establish networks and communities where people exchange knowledge and experiences across disciplinary borders.