To the Left of the Rising Sun  
Image: Zhao Liang, Beijing Green (2007)


Galleri Charlotte Lund

March 13 - May 3, 2008

Marcus Coates (UK)
James Ireland (UK)
Zhao Liang (China)
Dario Urzay (Spain)

Throughout art history landscape has positioned itself in its own genre. More than anything, depictions of landscape helped to instill values contributing to the shaping of national identity, national romanticism, the sublime and the picturesque. Under the looming shadows of Google Earth, GPS navigation systems, second life and other digital networks, what thoughts and values are transmitted in today’s depictions of landscape? The group exhibition titled Goggel på jorden (Goggel on Earth) is an attempt to approach the landscape genre in a playful manner. The serious part in this playfulness is the fact that depictions of landscape to a large extent shape the way we as human species look upon ourselves.
       During the 1960s and inspired by the political and cultural climate at the time, a series of artistic processes were set in motion that instilled new consciousness to the genre of landscape. This exhibition presents an opportunity to observe how this development continues. Today’s political situation in combination with an expanded flow of information leaves obvious traces.