18 - 19 September 2004

City centres are converted into carefully planned shopping malls, increasingly monitored and invigilated. It is becoming difficult to distinguish one city centre from another when high street brands and predictable consumer patterns dominate.
       This development stands in contrast to current artistic practices that thrive in constant diversification. In order to respond to changing social and political circumstances, to address geographical and environmental issues, art goes where it makes sense for it to go.
       This workshop takes place during the launch of Liverpool Biennial 2004 when a number of newly commissioned public artworks will open. This is an opportunity to meet some of the artists behind the works and to gain a greater understanding of their practices. In addition to the Biennial works, the workshop will also present a variety of ongoing projects taking place in Liverpool.
       During two days we will investigate the city in its role as host for a major art event. We will also look into the possibilities of creating art that claims its own space in the city, is capable of triggering its own poetics and of reclaiming, if only momentarily, a bit of disappearing public space.
       The workshop takes place in the Scandinavian Seamen's Church where home cooked meals will be served.
       Urban Intervention workshop 1 is made possible with kind support by Arts Council England.